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The Most Common Causes Needles, CA Homeowners Need AC Repair Services

When you’re in need of AC repair services, you want to make sure that you choose a reputable company that offers reliable results. In San Francisco County, that company is Sugar Bear Plumbing. For more than 20 years, our locally owned and operated, fully licensed and insured Needles, CA air conditioning repair company has been keeping local homes and businesses cool and comfortable. Whether your air conditioning system is blowing warm air, it’s making strange sounds, it’s producing odd odors, the airflow seems off, or it’s displaying any other problem, you can count on our professionally trained, pre-screened, highly experienced technicians to offer outstanding results. For AC repair that you can really count on, look no further than Sugar Bear Plumbing.

Common Reasons Needles, CA Homeowners Need AC Repair Services

Like so many San Francisco County homeowners, you rely on your air conditioning system to keep your home cool and comfortable. While central air conditioning is generally reliable, it’s an appliance, and like any other appliance, it can break down. When that happens, the temperature inside your house can go from pleasant to unpleasant pretty quickly. When that happens, you’ll need to call in a Needles, CA air conditioning repair professional. But before you do, you might be wondering what’s wrong with your system.

While there are several factors that can contribute to air conditioning system issues, the following are some of the most common reasons why San Francisco County residents – and why you – may need AC repair services.

Faulty Thermostats

A thermostat is a vital part of an air conditioning system. It communicates with the unit, alerting it when to turn on and off, and allowing it to maintain the temperature that you have set it to. Like any other part of your central AC, issues can occur with the thermostat, and when that happens, the system won’t function properly, and the temperature in your San Francisco County house will quickly increase.

There are several factors that can cause a malfunctioning thermostat. In some cases, the issue may be as simple as changing out the batteries, which you can obviously handle on your own; however, in other cases, the problem may be more serious. Electrical issues could be making your thermostat malfunction, or the device itself could be defective. When the thermostat isn’t working properly, the entire system will be affected. The cooling capabilities can be reduced as a result of short-cycling, or the system could run on a constant basis, not only making your San Francisco County house too cool for comfort but also increasing your utility bills; not to mention the fact that when an air conditioning system runs continuously, other components can breakdown and the life expectancy of the unit can be shortened.

If your thermostat is acting up and the batteries aren’t the cause of the problem, you’re going to want to schedule an appointment with a Needles, CA air conditioning repair company. A reputable AC repair contractor will determine the root cause of the issue and will make whatever repairs may be needed.

Grimy Air Filters

AC Repair Services in Needles, CA

The air filter is another vital component of a central air conditioning system, as it filters out debris from the air the unit takes in before it travels to the air handler, where it’s cooled, blows through the vents, and cools your San Francisco County home. The dirt and debris from the air the unit draws in collects on the air filter, and after a while, it can become exceptionally dirty, or it can even become completely blocked. When the air filter is dirty or fully blocked, the system won’t cool as efficiently as it usually does, or it could even freeze up and stop working.

On average, an air filter lasts about 4 to 5 weeks; however, if your air conditioning is constantly running, or if the air that travels into the system is very polluted, the air filter will need to be changed more frequently. While changing out an air filter might seem pretty simple and straightforward, it can actually be more complicated than it appears. If you suspect your filter needs to be changed and you aren’t confident in your ability to do so, to ensure the job is done properly, contact a Needles, CA air conditioning repair.

Dirty Condenser Coils

The condenser coils are another essential component of a central air conditioning system. These coils collect the heat from your San Francisco County home’s indoor air and expel that hot air outdoors. Condenser coils are situated on the outside part of the system, and as such, various types of dirt and debris can accumulate on them; leaves, pollen, and mud, for example. If your condenser coils are covered with too much caked-on gunk, the entire system will be affected, and your utility bills could even increase.

While you can use a hose to clean dirty condenser coils, for the best results, call in an AC repair professional. A Needles, CA air conditioning repair contractor will use the most advanced techniques, proven strategies, and state-of-the-art tools and equipment to remove built-up debris so that air can flow freely through the condenser coils. A reliable professional will also assess the condition of your entire AC system to ensure that everything is working properly. If any other issues are spotted, they’ll let you know and can make the repairs that may be necessary.

Leaking Refrigerant

In order to produce cool air, an AC unit needs refrigerant. This specialized liquid is housed in the system’s coils, where it absorbs the heat from your San Francisco County home’s indoor air. While the refrigerant shouldn’t leak and it shouldn’t need to be changed, sometimes, the coils can become damaged, and the liquid can escape.

A refrigerant leak is something that needs to be addressed by an AC repair professional. A reliable Needles, CA air conditioning repair contractor will perform a thorough assessment of the entire system to pinpoint where the leak is coming from, and they will make whatever repairs may be needed to correct the problem.

Schedule an Appointment with a Leading Needles, CA Air Conditioning Repair Professional

The issues mentioned above are just some of the most common reasons why San Francisco County residents require AC repair. If you believe that you’re having one of these problems – or you’re having any other problem with your air conditioning system – contact the Needles, CA air conditioning repair company local homeowners recommend most: Sugar Bear Plumbing. To learn more about our services, to schedule a free consultation, or to request a free price quote, give us a call at 514-858-1840. Our associates are standing by and are waiting to answer all of your questions and meet all of your needs.

Some information about Needles, CA

Needles is a city in eastern San Bernardino County, California, California, United States. It lies on the western banks of the Colorado River in the Mohave Valley subregion of the Mojave Desert, near the borders of Arizona and Nevada and roughly 110 miles (180 km) from the Las Vegas Strip.

Needles was founded in May 1883 during the construction of the Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railway, which originally crossed the Colorado River at Eastbridge, Arizona three miles southeast of modern Needles. Its name was taken from the Needles, a group of pointed mountain peaks at the south end of the valley, visible only by boat from the Colorado River. However, the crossing was a poor site for a bridge, lacking firm banks and a solid bottom. A bridge was actually built, but it was of poor quality. Not only was it a ‘flimsy looking structure’, but it was also an obstacle to navigation on the river. The flooding of the Colorado River destroyed the bridge three times – in 1884, 1886 and 1888. The railway finally built Red Rock Bridge, a high cantilever bridge, at a narrower point with solid rock footings ten miles downstream near today’s Topock. The bridge was completed in May 1890, and the old bridge was dismantled.

At first simply a tent town for railroad construction crews, the railway would eventually build a hotel, car sheds, shops and a roundhouse. Within only a month, Needles would have a Chinese laundry, a newsstand, a restaurant, several general stores, and about nine or ten saloons. Needles quickly became the largest port on the river above Yuma, Arizona. The railway and the Fred Harvey Company built the elegant Neoclassical and Beaux-Arts style El Garces Hotel and Santa Fe Station in 1908, which was considered the ‘crown jewel’ of the entire Fred Harvey chain. The landmark building is on the National Register of Historic Places and is being restored.

Needles was a major stop on the historic U.S. Route 66 highway from the 1920s through the 1960s. For migrants from the Midwest Dust Bowl in the 1930s, it was the first town that marked their arrival in California. The city is lined with motels and other shops from that era. The ‘Carty’s Camp’, which appears briefly in The Grapes of Wrath as the Joad family enters California from Arizona, is now a ghost tourist court, its remains located behind the 1940s-era 66 Motel.

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